4 Easy Ways to Get Creative with Epoxy Coatings for Your Garage Floors

garage floor coat st louis moThe last thing you can think of getting creative with is probably your garage. But did you know that with epoxy coatings you can turn your garage floors into an amazing accent that adds beauty to your whole house?

Improving a plain, dark storage room or parking area with epoxy garage floors can be your next exciting DIY project. Getting creative with epoxy coatings for your garage floors gives you fantastic results. It is a fulfilling investment not only of your money but also of your time. So let your artistic side come out with this easy guide showing you ways to style your garage flooring with epoxy coating.

Living Garage Room

black car in garage with epoxy floorsEpoxy coating is a great finishing product that gives an illuminating effect to a concrete surface. The highly glossy floor with epoxy flooring brings out a polished base that is usually seen only inside a house’s family rooms like the living and dining area. 

Epoxy coatings offer you many options to upgrade your designing ideas and make them come to life. The coating materials include a variety of colors to choose from. You can have a plain glossy coating or patterned designs using colors that you can mix and match.

Pleasing Plain White 

concrete-sealing-St-LouisIf you want a minimalist approach with designing your garage floors, a plain pure color of white or neutral shades like light grey or subdued beige is for you. The dramatic effect will come from the glossy finish of epoxy coatings. Aside from giving an updated classic look to your garage, the coating will give lasting protection from heavy movements of tools and objects from the garage.

Scenic Atmospheric Patterns

green tractor in a garage with epoxy chip flooringA more exciting way to make your garage a more functional and fun working station is to designing an epoxy garage floor with elaborate patterns. You can make an outer-space vibe in your garage to reflect your adventurous side.

Creating atmospheric designs is fun because you can mix multiple sets of epoxy coating colors and customize the style you want. The result will give your flooring a space illusion and can also minimize the appearance of messy stains.

Playful Geometric Patterns

geometric patterns garage floor with epoxy coatingsDo you know that you can practice your love for mathematical concepts with4 epoxy coating? Your garage floors do not have to remain dull. You can create designs with a variety of solid shapes and fine outlines with epoxy coatings.

Applying epoxy coating uses two components: resin material and hardener material. It is a departure from the traditional paints that are purely solvents. The process of using epoxy lets you play with your creativity and create exact results that you want to achieve.

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