Embrace Your Floors: Tips How to Pick Colors For Epoxy Garage Floors

Do you find it hard to redesign your messy garage floors? You already looked all over the web and local home improvement magazines, and all the ideas you find seem repetitive and hard to imitate in real life.

Person choosing a color

Why not focus on one feature like the garage floor’s color. Upgrade your color theory knowledge. Get your paint brushes ready! Here’s how you can re-up the colors in your garage floor coatings St. Louis

Today’s blog will help you redesign your garages and take you back to your childhood coloring days! Four tips ahead.

How to Pick Colors for Your Epoxy Garage Floors

Not everyone is gifted with artistic talents. One of the skills many find the challenge is picking and matching colors. Admit it! That is why you are here! You see tips on choosing the right shade to paint on your garage floors, and voila, you now read this post! You want that every space at home provides comfort and ease for the family!

It is no rocket science how to bring life to your dull garage areas. But it is no magic trick either. Take note of the tips below to recolor, resurface and install an innovative epoxy coating on your garage floors, just like a pro!

  • Plan a theme or motif for your garage
  • Decide what purpose you will use the garage for
  • Match it with the color theme of your house
  • Create something unexpected
  • Think of contrasts
  • Stick with simple, standard colors

Tip #1- Choose a theme or motif for your garage

How is your color vocabulary? Want to enrich yours? Check this list of color themes that suit busy spaces like the garage floors:

  • Subdued and muted colors
  • Minimalist colors
  • Neutrals
  • Metallic
  • Classic grey
epoxy coating garage floor St Louis

Expanding your color spectrum does not hurt. You may go to your local epoxy flooring installers and talk them out of these color styles, and they will create custom epoxy paint for you.

Begin searching for these terms as well to let you picture how they look.

Tip #2- Choose a color that will suit the purpose of your garage

Nowadays, a garage room’s purpose has evolved into many other functions.

You can now find garage rooms incorporating a garden tool storage or a mini garden workshop. Let’s further explore this purpose. Suppose you want something that will encourage your plant spirit. You can use colors that coincide with living things.

Blue colored garage floor

Just reimagine, and you can see your garage floors brighten up with light-colored epoxy paint. Or, if you opt for your garage to be a little dim, then you can use subdued white or muted earthy colors. Then make sure to install the proper lighting. Experts recommend warm white lamps for they trigger the brain’s creativity.

Tip #3- Choose the color that will Match the Overall Theme of Your Home

black car in garage with epoxy floors

Sometimes, we think that making things complicated is the best choice. Just do something like the colors you choose to paint your garage floors.

To decorate the garage flooring, you can start looking at the colors that dominate the theme of your property. If your home’s motif is at the neo-contemporary spectrum, then you can stick with colors that go well with bold and straightforward outlines and patterns. It’s safe to use a mix of black, white, and grey with hints of the primary colors.

An epoxy flake chip flooring does this for you. You can use a base cot of grey and mix in vinyl paint chips of fiery red or bluish-grey.

Tip #4- Think of Contrasts and Incorporate Something Unexpected

On the other hand, what you can do is to go the opposite direction of your home’s color themes. Or, add something unexpected for a surprise factor.

You may opt to go for a minimalist garage that differs from a rustic vintage country house. You may also check out the ordinary garage revamp. Take, for example, a Hollywood director’s glasshouse with an underground futuristic garage parking area.

stained floor garage floor

It uses a plain and polished white clear epoxy that covers the flooring. And then white theme encloses the entire garage walls. It’s a departure from the property’s overall theme, where you can see through the glass walls. 

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