Iconic Ideas Inspired by Four Famous Garages

A plain, boring garage gets packed with action momentarily. So, once the cars are out, the empty slot reveals a vast, grey space. Get a garage floor epoxy St. Louis to create these coolest ideas inspired by famous parking spots and commercial garages. See how a quick refinishing with innovative concrete decors makes all the difference.

beige car in a garage
white car on a metallic chip epoxy floors

Four Garages that Defined Design & Utility

1- The Dark Knight’s Garage

dark knight's garage with cars and paintings on the wall
Photo by Cool Material

Imagine Bruce Wayne, suit-up and hair pushed straight back, standing right on your garage area. It could be you! How? Well, the Dark Knight’s garage exists. The sleek surface that reflects the shining luxury cars is real! Unlike Batman, who is a fictional film character, this creative space will become your reality.

You may not necessarily have a first-class limo or a techy bat-mobile, but you can definitely have polished, seamless floors. Using a clear epoxy coating that tops the concrete surface, a clean and sharp gloss will emanate from the garage’s foundations.

A neutral or white base epoxy will make a black or dark tinted car look striking. It does not at all have to be branded or expensive.

2- A King’s Flooring

garage mahal by homes of the rich displaying luxury cars
Photo by Homes of the Rich

Have you heard of Garage Mahal? Coined after the famous mausoleum from India, this art car museum showcases chambers of colorful car displays. You don’t have to be a King to remodel your space. You only need the King of flooring – also known as epoxy.

This innovative decorative concrete refinishing technique will turn a plain slab into an attractive surface. Creating multiple small versions of the Taj Mahal is possible with today’s trending resurfacing techniques.

Do you know that with epoxy, you can create dozens of designs and patterns? It provides you crafty ideas from flaked floors to customizable 3D flooring images!

Want to print your name on your garage spaces and be like a king? Attain it with a St. Louis garage floor service! Experts who specialize in an epoxy installation will finish your garage floors with a perfectly laid design coat.

3- Director’s Act with Underground Garage

luxurious white underground garage of michael bay with luxury carsYou have probably heard of the multi-story, multi-million property of famous filmmaker Michael Bay. No other Hollywood concept can top the notch when remodeling your workspaces. Bay, an action director, got himself the most lucrative garage space to find out there.

Being a special effects lover, Bay translates a rather simplistic approach to his garage. His through-the-looking glass house keeps an underground parking space. But his auto showroom is not at all buried in the deep, dim-lit ground.

His basement car park illuminates in clear white. Who would have thought that a quiet, refreshing white space exists in this multi-dimensional property?

4- Automotive Photographer’s Eye

pepper yandell black chevy photograph
Photo by Pepper Yandell

A guy named Pepper Yandell is known for his posh photographs of cars. Who could have thought that love for cars can go together with love for the camera? Be inspired by his masterpiece. Yandell showcases his work on his website.

Parking cars have never been covered under such an artistic lens. Yandell’s photos feature still automobiles laid out on a shutter-stunning, realistic, and dimensional background. The pictures behind the cars inspire you to create a 3D visual on your garage floors and walls.

Final Thoughts

Garage floors will turn heads. With a cold, dull concrete, it resurfaces to a sturdy canvass of artisan-inspired decors. It will also turn your imagination into endless possibilities. No wonder people like rock icons begin their dreams singing in garages. Now you, too, an ordinary gal or guy, can be a professional hobbyist just by staying in a fully transformed auto space.

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