From Gory to Gorgeous: Why Epoxy Makes a Great Garage Floor?

Garage areas make best buddies with grease and grimy staining. When these residues marked the surface for a long time, a makeover is necessary. Installing St Louis epoxy garage floors will transform a gory place into a gorgeous, innovative space.

Here are the reasons why epoxy should be your garage’s newest best buddy.

gray car on epoxy garage floor
white car on a metallic chip epoxy floors

1- High Performance 

Epoxy creates high-performing floors. What does more of a garage space need? Right? The epoxy-enhanced flooring makes the surfaces repel tough stains. Say goodbye now to murky bases covered in grime and greasy, sticky footings.

Aide from the stain-repelling power of the epoxy, it also makes the floors resist heat. Garages often work with heat-generating machines, and tires from the cars produce dark tread marks on the surface. You can avoid these issues when you apply the epoxy coating on the floors.

2- Low Maintenance

With epoxy finally coming to your rescue, you can now have your garages look neat and clean. Most of the time, a garage floor is left unnoticed because it stresses the owners always keeping up with polished floors.

When the floors are well-kept, everything here will fall into place. It will now be easy to move and arrange tools, cabinets, and equipment inside the garage area with a floor that cleanses in a breeze.

Worry no more with sticky and oily dust and chemicals messing up the floors. Epoxy makes the surface very smooth. You will only need a damp cloth and a simple cleaning solution to maintain the polished garage flooring.

3- Appealing Aesthetic

Not only that the floors are easy to maintain, but it sustains its elegant look too. A polished flooring among garages can be retained. A clear coating can be your sealing option to provide a high-gloss and flawless-looking surface.

For achieving more design and ideas, 3D epoxy can create innovative and realistic images to enhance the floor’s look. Metallic and flaked epoxy also provides you with excellent ideas to make visually appealing footings in your gory garage.

4- Safe and Healthy Flooring Systems

Now that you are starting to love how epoxy transforms your floors, one of its best features, you need to look into is its low VOC emission. Low volatile organic compounds take place when the concrete substrates have a less porous profile. Porous materials such as cement and other cementitious materials fume substances that can disrupt air quality.

If you enhance the concrete flooring in your garage with epoxy coating, it creates a safer and healthier indoor air quality. 

industrial warehouse with white epoxy floors
black car in garage with epoxy floors

Now that you have known the best of epoxy’s benefits make sure to inquire from professional flooring contractors how to avail of the latest service with epoxy floors. Only the experts can create for you excellently crafted flooring solutions.

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