Epoxy Garage Floors St. Louis, MO: Long-Lasting Surfaces

white car on a metallic chip epoxy floorsGarage floor solutions handled by experts give you superior quality results. Professional contractors in Missouri, who specialize in epoxy coating techniques, have been providing seamless and sturdy floors among homes and business areas in St. Louis and its nearby cities.

Having your specific requirement for concrete floor improvement met your expectations is a delight. Epoxy floors are customizable so that you can fit it in any theme in your property. Additionally, concrete coating products provide your floors with supreme strength.

To keep up with the modern flooring systems today, epoxy coating plays a cost-effective solution. This is ideal for garages in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. It also suits DIY floors that you can incorporate in your indoor spaces, basements, and others.

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Garage Floor Option: Epoxy Coatings

St. Louis garage floors can be gorgeous spaces too. How? With modern concrete coating for floors offered in the industry today. Epoxy and Polyurea Polyaspartic coatings provide a floor with seamless surfaces and durability. These coating methods have been giving residential and commercial floors lasting strength and resistance to damages. They are cost-effective floor solutions that also make an excellent investment in your properties.

green tractor in a garage with epoxy chip flooringEpoxy Flooring

Coating a floor with epoxy makes it highly resistant to impacts and stain-resistant. It makes use of a mixture containing a resin and a hardener, 50% of each part. This coating product is a solid-based material that makes floors dense and sturdy.

Professional contractors will provide you with a flawlessly finished garage floor. Furthermore, St. Louis epoxy floors can also be a DIY home improvement project. For creative function, this technique allows a fast cure time. So, the process of finishing with epoxy, the surface is ultimately covered with a stylish look and supreme strength.

red toy car on garage with epoxy flake flooringEpoxy Flake Floor

A variant of epoxy is a coating process enhanced with flake chips. This technique makes colorful floors. The flakes serve as accessories used with epoxy. These accessories are paint chips that are broadcasted over a topcoat. It creates a distinct design and texture on the floor. When applying flakes on an epoxy-coated floor, use a trowel to smoothen the surface when finishing.

gray car on epoxy garage floorMetallic Epoxy Flooring

High-gloss, high-resistant, and high-performance! Metallic epoxy floors St Louis is an excellent choice to enhance commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Glossy floors fit well for garages. Giving a bright concrete surface lightens up the area instantly. A metallic garage floor displays a multi-dimensional effect on the ground. If you need a unique floor system, try a dazzling metallic coat to finish the garage floor.

Benefits of Epoxy in St Louis, MO

unfinished application of epoxy on basement floorA garage does not have to be dull and grey. This probably makes you neglect this space and why stains accumulate and damages developed as time goes by.

Renovating the floors with epoxy coating produce a stylish and sturdy floor surface. With that, have more of how epoxy can benefit your residential or industrial space. Read on, below.


Epoxy coated surfaces are durable. Perfect for your garage, the floor will withstand any massive impact from mechanical equipment. As time goes by, the floor will not wear quickly. It will remain polished, without cracks or dents for a long time.


A seamless and high-gloss surface due to epoxy provides a stain-resistant floor. Especially for a garage, with constant exposure to oil and chemical spills, tough stains can develop. To provide protection from dirt and thick dark solvent epoxy coated surfaces can resist substances from penetration on the floors. Cleaning it is a breeze.


A garage often serves as a space for different mechanical activities, falling metallic tools and other equipment is unavoidable. Epoxy coats can resist heavy objects’ strong impacts. It will prevent abrasions and dents. Sometimes the problem will leave holes or tiny cracks that produce powdered particles. Leave no worry when you apply epoxy.


Heat reacts to the surface, making the dark patterns penetrate the floor surface. It is often caused by heated rubber tires marking on garage floors. With this coating technique, heat is prevented from reacting with rubber and other forms of surfaces. You don’t need to watch out for flaws regularly. This is the solution accessible in the market today.

Fast-Curing Time

If you need a fast-action drying time when refinishing a garage floor, epoxy will do it for you. Experts can apply this coating in no time. If you need an urgent job and make you get back on your regular business instantly, have this refinishing technique.


The sturdy and seamless surface does not need regular cleaning or repair. A floor does not have to stress you out a lot. An epoxy coat can provide your garage free from stubborn dirt. You can manage and easily maintain a garage with this advanced coating technique. The coating makes a dense surface. That no penetrating elements can hold for a long time.


Make the right decision to refinish a floor with epoxy. It is a good investment. Standard traditional pavements can wear in a few years, especially an area exposed outdoors and encounter multiple activities. A low-maintenance epoxy floor can save your time, energy, and monetary resources.


Aesthetics can also give you too much to think about. Having to change and upgrade designs for a flooring system is achievable with epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy can provide you comprehensive options for design. This coating technology can incorporate customized oriented patterns to be applied on the floor.

Areas for installation Residential, Industrial, Commercial spaces

Epoxy garage flooring suits both residential and commercial properties. It is an excellent flooring system that adds value to your properties. Renovation, restoring, or refinishing is a more cost-effective solution achieved with epoxy flooring St Louis. This is also a good way for you to make a profitable space.

Work with our team to provide you with the best epoxy garage flooring! Our contractors have years of experience; their knowledge and skills are continuously evolving.

black car in garage with epoxy floorsResidential Areas

Give your residential garages superior protection from harmful damages like car oils and chemical spills. Transform a regular garage into a functional workshop in your home.

harley davidson motors epoxy flooringCommercial Spaces

For business properties, it is a cost-efficient flooring solution that will last for an extended period! Transform your business with quality floors!

industrial warehouse with white epoxy floorsIndustrial Spaces

The epoxy floor makes a high-performing industrial space. Provide a durable and seamless flooring system for various spaces with multiple-function, like your leisure areas, laboratories, manufacturing areas, and more. Improve your garage space with safety, slip-resistant floor. Preserve polished flooring preventing constant friction from causing short-term and long-term damage or abrasion.

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