Interesting Uses of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Concrete floors are not only for walking. They also play a valuable role when a property is used for business or for resell. The first thing that clients look into is the floor. A part of a property that will show-off its true value is one of those “less noticed” spots. With that said, an epoxy garage floor St Louis that features a stylish, efficient, and low maintenance flooring area will no doubt get their attention.

Both the first-time buyer and the property owner look forward to well-kept and polished surfaces to walk onto. Give what your clients need when you put up seamless steps to hardcore areas like the garage, kitchens, and backyards even. To do this, an epoxy floor coating is what you need to apply over your concrete steps at home or among business spaces.

industrial warehouse with white epoxy floors

What are the other uses of epoxy?

Epoxy floor coating is perfect for both interior and exterior concrete. Once you use this material for revamping your floor systems, you will not look for anything else. Its results are breath-taking. If you can’t get enough of using epoxy flooring, here is good news. Did you know that epoxy has multiple uses? Read on! The other uses of epoxy are discussed in today’s post!

Garage flooring

black car in garage with epoxy floorsThe first thing that comes into mind when people hear the word epoxy floors is the garage floors. Epoxy is the all-time loved flooring for garages due to its durability and tangibility.

Heavy-duty equipment won’t destroy the floor no matter how many times they pass and fall on it. It exudes appeal, making your garage look classic and modern.

Factory flooring

factory flooringSafety is the first essential factor that factories and various businesses must consider. Minor or major injuries must never happen. Accidents often take place due to the poor and vulnerable coatings used on the floor. It creates a huge hassle for the workers. And even to the owners as well.

A worse consequence is putting a red mark on the company’s credibility. Employees lose trust if the bosses are unable to take care of their workers. To avoid such, factories use epoxy to coat the floors. It is known to be slip-resistant and does not absorb chemicals or acid. Hence, making the floor long-lasting and safe to use.

Hospital Flooring

hospital flooringHospitals or any medical facilities must have the floors sanitized all the time. It’s essential for providing health workers and patients their safety. Pathogens and bacteria must be nowhere to be found in those places.

Therefore, all parts from the ceiling to the floor are anti-skid. Furthermore, it can withstand bloody work in the hospital; bloodstains, chemical stains, and more removes fast.

Paper Weight

epoxy paperweightsEpoxy is a vital ingredient in making hand-made gifts that includes molding.

It incorporates materials like flowers and glitters, which is perfect in molding bowls, vases, and mother handcrafted decors.


epoxy buttonsDo you love designing your clothes? You can also create and make buttons for your clothes through the use of epoxy.

You can mix any item on it to give your material a fantastic look.


epoxy knife handleAre you fed up with the ordinary look of your cabinet’s handle? You can re-design or make a new one at a lower price using epoxy. You can decorate any way you want.

Use epoxy as adhesive for the decors. It will bond the two items together if you let it dry and adhere after 24 hours.

Personalized Furniture

epoxy personalized furnitureMemories are valuable experiences in a person’s life that stays within them forever. So if you are looking for ways to remind you of beautiful memories you had, you can transpire it in your furniture.

Personalized tables and walls with pictures and DIY decors use epoxy a lot of times. It serves as a preservative coating the items to make them last longer.


Epoxy floor coating is not just an ordinary coating. It has many benefits and uses. It’s resistant to heavy-duty stuff, activities, and stains are easy to remove from it. Who would have thought it could also be used for different activities that do not include the flooring? Furthermore, it’s affordable for everyone, making it a practical choice for floors and more.

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