Commercial Epoxy Floor St Louis, MO: Best Flooring Solution for Your Business

The floors you love are floors that last! Epoxy floors are a high-tech floor coating that home and business owners love to apply to their properties. This flooring method creates durable and damage-resistant surfaces. With that said, this is the perfect solution to commercial floorings.

See the best of what epoxy got when you have this coating in high-function spaces. These are areas that are often exposed to foot and vehicular traffic. If you need a top-notch flooring system that overcomes time and weathering, then you finally found what you are looking for!

Epoxy-coated floors are most ideal in garages among business areas. You can now afford this and take delightful steps as you can have this right at your doorsteps. Our top contractors in Garage Floor St. Louis offer you quality and the best epoxy floors you can apply in small or large retail and commercial spaces!

Get started today and know more about the flooring options for you with the top floor company in St. Louis, MO.

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Epoxy: What Is It & How Does It Work?

A resin and hardener combine to give birth to one of the most sturdy and tough materials. We all now call it epoxy. Its end product is a super adhesive, glue-like mixture. When it is applied on a concrete surface, it will bring forth a smooth, polished, and even surface.

This is the right option for you who wants to give an edge to your floors. It makes your properties look high-end with the polished, clear surfacing.

The coating is poured over an existing slab. No need to replace the old pavement. You can achieve a better, newer look for your floors that love to work hard! Thus, it makes the commercial epoxy a standard choice for small retail spaces and commercial garages.

The epoxy flooring application requires a base coat, build or design coating, and a top coat, which will be discussed further below.

A gory concrete floor can transform into gorgeous steps with epoxy coating. It best suits industrial spaces as well, where heavy foot traffic continually occurs. Nowadays, epoxy coatings are sought by homeowners just the same.

These kinds of concrete floor coatings are very versatile. You can apply them as a sealant to another particular type of flooring to increase its resistance and prolong its lifespan. Also, you can take this benefit as an opportunity to use the coating for outdoor settings.

A flexible grade epoxy is suitable for coating commercial concrete driveways, commercial garages, and parking lots.

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Durable & Resistant Coating System: Benefits of Epoxy

Now, epoxy indeed brings you gorgeous garage floors. What for? Many benefits of epoxy coated flooring, from enhancing boring storage or backroom to transforming a functional and dynamic workshop room. This coating system offers you great opportunities. Don’t just settle for poor aesthetics when keeping a garage.

Find out the economic, practical, and creative benefits of epoxy for residential and commercial properties and beyond.

  •  Epoxy coating is a durable material offering high resistance to impact and abrasion. It is perfect for garages because it can withstand the weight of vehicles, massive tires, and other heavy equipment stored or used in the garage.
  • Garage floors usually suffer frontier marks. Hot tires cause the black rubber stain on the floor. Preventing this mess is the epoxy coating system. It also makes the floors surface very dense and highly heat resistant.
  • Epoxy coats make a surface resistant to stubborn stains, mostly from oil and chemical spills. Epoxy makes a non-porous surface, so liquid stains and paint do not penetrate on the surface.
  • Seamless, polished, and high–end look. Epoxy floors make stunning and long-lasting beautiful aesthetics. The floors are always looking new.
  • Contemporary and customizable designs. Epoxy coats are fantastic materials that can personalize your floor design and theme. You can incorporate paint chips for creating effects like a terrazzo texture or pattern.
  • Epoxy is the best garage floor coating in St. Louis because of its low-maintenance quality. The high-gloss high-resistant surface from the epoxy makes it easy to clean off. Dust and other smaller elements do not hold easily on the surface. When tough stains occur, especially when old, thick oil has stained the floor for a long time, cleaning will be a breeze. Just use soap and water solution for maintaining it.
  • With an epoxy garage floor, you are making a low-cost investment. Epoxy floors St. Louis offers cheaper solutions for renovating and improving residential and commercial areas’ flooring systems. An old coating slab would look as good as a new one. And it will not cut drill holes in your bank.

Add value to your garage through upgrading with epoxy floor coatings. Call us and let our expert contractors guide you with your options.

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Expert Epoxy Installers in St. Louis

Our team has been leading the business for 10 years now. We assure you that epoxy application is the best cost-effective solution for upgrading your flooring systems. If you need seamless work applying epoxy into your garage, residential, and commercials areas, we got you covered.

Epoxy is versatile and comes in creative application techniques. You can customize, or we can help you bring out your idea and translate them into reality into your floors at home or in your business area.

Call us at (314) 403-0444! Have our experts satisfy your need for upgrading your grey concrete with epoxy!

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Garage Floor Epoxy

Need to revamp your garage with an epoxy floor? Epoxy coatings are slip-resistant, impact-resistant, and stain-resistant. Perfect for the garage areas in residential or commercial properties.

You can choose if you want a 3D or a metallic epoxy. These application techniques can amplify the look of a plain garage. Durability matches a stunning, dynamic garage floor design.

Chip Epoxy. The chipped epoxy variant is well-loved among garages. It pops the floor out and gives an exciting look inside the busy garage area. Chipped floors can be either coarse or fine or rough-rounded patterns. Achieve a chic look when you combine triple colors of the chip-paint of your choice.

Flaked Epoxy. Just like the chipped selection, the flaked patterns also go so well among garage areas. To achieve the flaked effect, flake additives are cast over the epoxy floor mix while it cures. The flaked patterns also give out a distinct texture. The result can hide stains and rustic marks that have long been stuck on a garage floor’s surface.

Metallic. The floors that feel and look like steel is what you get with metallic epoxy! Give a bright contrast inside your garages when you lighten it up with shining, glimmering floors.

There is more! You can talk to our team of friendly, home-grown contractors to achieve the dream flooring you want!

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Areas for Epoxy Coating: Residential, Industrial, Commercial spaces

The epoxy floor is best for both residential and commercial properties. A seamless, polished floor adds value to a property. It is a cost-effective solution for updating old concrete into a brand new construction. If you are a property owner who wants to generate profit by owning a space, modify it with epoxy flooring.

With our help, you will get the best epoxy garage flooring for you!

Residential Areas

 Epoxy can be a great added value in your homes. As usually used in the garage and industrial spaces, it is a unique floor option in your residential areas. Give your garages superior protection from heavy vehicle activities and harmful damage from car oils and chemicals.

Commercial Spaces and Industrial Spaces

Your commercial garage spaces will withstand constant foot and vehicle activities with epoxy floors. It is a cost-efficient flooring solution for business properties that will last for an extended period—superior quality in form and function.

 A high-performance flooring option, the epoxy floor has been the top choice for industrial spaces. Give seamless flooring system for the following massive spaces:

      • Gymnasium or leisure areas
      • Industrial ForkLift Areas
      • Laboratories, and manufacturing areas.
      • Mall Parking Spaces
      • Commercial Garages
      • Auto Showrooms
      • Automotive Repair Shops
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