How to Choose the Best Garage Flooring

black car in garage with epoxy floorsThe flooring is the foundation of your whole garage. Your garage is not just some area where you park your car and store whatever. It is a part of your home. Hence, it should also be treated like other areas. One of the best ways to upgrade it is to through your garage flooring. Your garage floor fills the entire room. This is why it should be the biggest factor you should consider in building that man (or woman) cave.

Choosing what type of flooring you want is a big decision. First, we will talk about what factors you should keep in mind when selecting garage flooring. And then, we will go through possible options.

Factors to consider:

Durability. How strong do you want your floor to be? What activities do you plan on doing inside your garage? What equipment, tools, etc., are you going to store there, besides the obvious answer, which is your car?

Resonance. If you like working on things, maybe tinkling your car’s engine or getting some woodworking in, then consider this. Your garage, being big yet hollow, becomes an echo-chamber. Some floors can be porous, while some might be completely solid and allow for too much resonance. Therefore, it will amplify the sounds you create inside.

Appearance. No one ever upgrades anything without wanting it to look better. The same goes for your garage. Since the flooring is the foundation of your garage, it will also be the foundation of the subsequent décor you put inside it.

Cost. How much you spend depends on what you want and what you need. Unlike the other parts of your house, you will most probably only decide to renovate your garage once. Plan properly, consider the factors as mentioned earlier before this one, and then decide.

This next part is where people usually get overwhelmed: choosing the right type of flooring for one’s garage. Of course, before you get to choose, you must know the available options.

Garage flooring can be divided into two main types: coating options and covering options.

  • Covering options include mats and tiles that can easily be moved or removed when required.
  • Coating options are those that can be painted on and poured on to a substrate or subfloor. These adhere to the floor below and cannot be easily removed.

Coating options are far more durable and last longer compared to covering options. For this reason, let us focus on options for garage flooring coating.

gray car on epoxy garage floor 1.     Epoxy Flooring

This is the most utilized type of coating out in the market. It is highly durable (even more than concrete), easily customizable, very low maintenance, and safest against stains, dirt, grease, oils, chemicals, and just about any liquid. They can be mixed to be porous or non-porous. However, they are mostly mixed as non-porous or seamless for easy cleaning when used as a coating for garage flooring. This is best for car guys or girls as it has a very smooth finish and is easy to clean and maintain.

polyurea polyaspartic garage flooring2.     Polyurea Polyaspartic

This type of coating closely resembles epoxy. It is durable, high-performance, and more flexible than epoxy. Its selling points are its very fast curing time and very high-temperature resistance. If you are a blue-collar worker during the day and a garage-blacksmith at night, this type of garage flooring is for you.

Your garage flooring of choice should be able to keep up with your needs. Do not compromise because your safety and satisfaction depend on it.

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